Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I created this wedding blog because when planning my own wedding, I felt there was a shortage of websites that focused on wedding invitation ideas. This led me to start designing my own line of invitations and assuming the role as the Invitation Chef.

I wanted high quality invitations, but I also wanted specific colors that were not available anywhere. Also, my background is in high fashion, so I wanted something unique and special- not mundane like most of the invitations out there. I also did not want to spend a lot of money to get exactly what I wanted. I wanted to "cook up" my own wedding invitations and thus the name Invitation Chef came about.

In my search for the perfect wedding invitation, I fell in love with the Envelopments line of paper because they are extremely high-end, available in numerous colors and textures, and have enclosures that allow for all of the cards to be organized in a nice, cute package- not just thrown into the envelope.

Another idea that I had was that I also wanted to "brand" my wedding. I wanted a unique invitation, a coordinating wedding website, and my "wedding theme" and colors carried thoughout my special day.

I feel that I accomplished this and will share my beautiful wedding day photos with you.

I had such an overwhelming response to my wedding invitations that I started designing invitations for my friends' weddings. Then they had an overwhelming response to their invitaitons so I have been determined ever since, to break through the clutter of the mundane wedding invitation space.

I will be sharing invitation ideas, colors and concepts that appeal to every taste. Buon Appetit!

My wedding photographer was Catherine Hall, She is an amazing photographer and I would recommend her to everyone.

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